2 objects for Mary – Gilly van Zanten

Gilly van Zanten: “In 2004, I started to make paintings and installations, similar to the bill boards you find every where in the streets. My earlier installations were constructions connected to the flat surface of the wall, almost like shelves. I like to put things against the wall. But now I like to put things in front of the wall too. You see! Space and objects direct my action. I think art is a mixture between gut feeling and observation.


The circumstances in which you live are important for the choices you can make: they define your freedom to stay or go. They offer you one way or another, a direction in which way you have to walk. Once you put yourself in this new environment, you are forced to act in some way. Like the old masters going to tropical land, where they remarkably painted in a different way, maybe not that strange with all that sun over there heads.”

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