Make yourself at home – Alessandro Gioiello

wind senseo bar babies cats turkish bakery lots of bicycles ns trains yellow and blue so many bottles of beer happy dinners with dutch friends a little old house in the center and a funny neighbour doeidoei sweet and relaxing music a ride in the park clouds clouds and a bright and warm sun on the first days of my arrival albert heijn to go museums in amsterdam letters abandoned grey door and wooden dices braille code a little black canvas an orange balloon vinyls reflections stars in my belly my lover an unexpected journey lasagne tiramisu my birthday party on twentyfifth of september never feel lonley never homesick so in the moment a perfect idea risks a tiny boat to cross the ocean a dream underneath a deep blue sky another flight emails and happiness thanks everybody hope  to see you again greetings… “Diamonds from the pavement Where a broken glass had been” aurelie jewelbox a song by jeff buckley for you









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