In the current cultural climate the artist seems to have left  little influence on his doings. Image seems exchangeable and thus without meaning. THE YES  FOUNDATION is searching for tools to interpret the specificity of images. Not only by using the traditional tools of visual art, but also by letting the audience – as a signifier – into the environment of the artist. In this way, the vulnerable mentality of the artist faces the hesitations of the public; the play of the confrontation is open and direct.

Artists and institutions are struggling with their relationship to funding and public. At once the public is puzzled by the esteem of individual artists. THE YES FOUNDATION believes questions of artists and audience increase in relevance when put together.


On september 17 2011 during Artnight ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, was launched: THE YES FOUNDATION.
Concept and organization: Klaas Burger, Marleen de Puydt, Stefany Karghoti, Michiel van de Weerthof, Rieneke de Vries (NL, BE, CY).